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Beeing a father is not something th...

Interview with Karim Sahraoui

Editor Panos Karatzas

My influences back then were quiet eclectic, when i was a teenager I was listening lot of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Classic those were the kid of music that my father was listening. He was definitely the one who taught me what are my called my roots now.

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Street Outdoors article 1

The Street(s) Outdoors are calling you

Giannis Pateliotis, Konstantinos Polatidis and Giorgos Zambas are dedicating much of their personal time in a project that Is characterized by passion and hard work. But what is actually this project about? They are organizing one of the biggest and most successful DIY mobile events in Greece. Their name is Street Outdoors. For those who are not familiar with the term, DIY means Do It Yourself.


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Never been proud of the records, but there are a few tracks that I can stand fully behind, like "skull gun" or "distil".